All the Regular Suspects

Still the same old methods 
As good as we can make it
  Field-selected grapes ("you wouldn't eat it, you toss it on the ground") stemmed and crushed beneath the feet of a pretty vendengeur, before being hand-cranked above the 20 HL stainless tanks, poured in and started on 6 weeks of pigages, aeration, and remontages before 2/3 goes into Allier (400L) oak (whenever last year's wine is ready to come out of them...)
And would you believe foreigners come pick
(and stomp!) on their honeymoon?

"My goal is to make one of the rarest of wines — imbued with moments of light, a nectar that blends with good friends to turn day to day into fond memory." 

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Nicole Bojanowski, vigneronne
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