Pure, creative, contemplative 
Wine is about as close as agriculture gets to art.
Bon vivant 

You have to choose how to live...this wine (and this way of life) embodies how we've chosen. Our boy's bigger than this now! And the garden's still not finished.

A history
Louis Corbieres was the last resident at Clos du Gravillas to make wine...and a force behind the establishment of AOC Muscat de St. Jean--Gold Medal at Beziers in 1934! Quality and "going further" have always been and hopefully will always be part of the local history.

30 years Monsieur Le Maire, Rene Beziat died just before the grapes came in for our 3rd harvest. With luck, his watchful eye will still be over our shoulders...even 5 years later, maybe for many more.

"My goal is to make one of the rarest of wines — imbued with moments of light, a nectar that, blended with good friends, turns day to day into fond memory."

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Nicole Bojanowski, vigneronne
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