RdV du SOLEIL SOUS les CAILLOUX des GRILLONS Emmenez Moi au Bout du Terret POUR un Peu de TENDRESSE

2 hectares of Carignan vines planted in 1911, 1952, 1970. Aged in Allier (400L) oak for 13-14 months balance and purity, velvety, fresh, fruit driven and delicious
this dark red marries with everything we've tried 'til now...we'll keep trying. 3000 bottles.

For more on carignan, the grape, the lute, go see www.carignans.com

AOC Muscat de St. Jean de Minervois, what our village is famous for, the ripe bottling of the taste of muscat grape, fortified to stop fermentation when it reaches the minimum allowed in the appelation of 125 g/l residual sugar.

Taste of pineapple, floral nose, mineral freshness that St. Jean Muscats are known fordelicious aperitif or served with roquefort cheese.

A surprising full dry white wine, mineral and very complex, made from Grenache fermented and aged (12 months) on lees in 400l barrels.

Forceful enough to enjoy with anchovies or truffles, elegant company for a slice of Comté, a rare match for organic goat cheese.

A food wine.

Primo with duck breast, a Tajine or couscous, RdV du Soleil emphasizes full fruit and a touch of cassis. Born in 2001 as a second pure carignan, in 2005, RdV became a syrah, cabernet and carignan barrel aged blend. In 2006, RdV got some Mourvedre and Grenache Noir as well.

Nicole and Charles Trenet were both born in Narbonne, both sang:
Le soleil a rdv avec la lune (mais la lune n'est pas la et le soleil il !'attend...)

Syrah Carignan Cabernet Sauvignon Mourvedre Counoise Grenache Noir Terret Gris

Seven grapes meet in a Saint-Jean gravel field:

unaoked in an original young-release red—fresh and fruity, touch of mystery. The crickets are under the stones (and everywhere else, late at night, under the stars and the clear black sky)

This wine used to be called Vous en Voulez en Voila, but we had a think about the label...


A light dry white wine, mineral and fresh, Terret gris fermented and aged a year on lees in one 500l Austrian barrel.

Lemony tart Aperitif or with white fish.

Pleasure, slightly-sweet.

Muscat as freshness. With curry or tart.

Non-fortified muscat, a lighter more vinous equilibrium than Douce Providence. Not made in 2007.

The name's from Jacques Brel because everybody needs a little bit of tendresse...

Field-selected grapes sorted without pity
("you wouldn't eat it, you toss it on the ground"),
the reds are stemmed then crushed beneath the feet of a pretty vendangeur, before being winched above the 20 HL stainless tanks, poured in and started on 4-6 weeks of pigages (punching down skin cap) .

As good & simple as we can make it

"My goal is to make one of the rarest of wines — imbued with moments of light, a nectar that, blended with good friends, turns day to day into fond memory."

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